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The D.C. gun law

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Despite the mission statement in this blog’s motto, I never write about firearms. My interest in them, and my belief in the legality of private ownership, sets me apart from many people who share my other interests. It was no surprise that the Roberts Supreme Court struck down the Washington, D.C. law prohibiting private ownership or possession of handguns within the district limits. While I’m no fan of this court, I support this decision. I’m going to borrow some quotes from Eugene Robinson‘s op-ed in the Washington Post to illustrate my points. Robinson is pro-Constitution, but not pro-gun.

Gun owners: Pseudo-cowboys or realists?

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

An opinion column by Mark Morford on the Website caught my eye. Morford seems to think he can gain some street cred with his liberal fans by slandering gun owners. An email I sent to him appears below. Any reply (not likely) will be posted as a comment.

Colonize this

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

From the Washington Post: “On May 14, 1607, after a voyage of almost five months — attended by what was probably Halley’s Comet in the night sky — a hundred or so colonists came ashore on Jamestown Island.”

The operative word in this sentence is “colonists.” Colonists are not immigrants, seeking to integrate themselves into a new country. When the colony intrudes into territory occupied by indigenous people, they are invaders and exploiters. By definition, a colony maintains ties with its home country. The colony itself is an extension of that home country. The Jamestown colonists were not invited by the local inhabitants, and did little to ingratiate themselves to them. When the Powhatan Indians and other tribes encountered by the English settlers (Another ambiguous word; eg, Israeli “settlers” in Palestine) had the audacity to insist on their own sovereignty and fought back against the outsiders, the outsiders resorted to guns, germs and steel to gain the upper hand. The white invaders’ assumption that technological superiority equated to moral superiority continues to this day, everywhere on the planet.

Linguistic tricks let us pretend we’re better than we are. We didn’t invade Iraq, we liberated it. We don’t pillage earth’s non-renewable resources, we harvest them. As we “celebrate” 400 years of Western European hegemony in North America, we should pay equal attention to the nouns we choose to obfuscate our past and present barbarity.

Gun control kills people

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

The anti-gun folks are having a field day. A young man clinically judged “mentally ill” killed 31 people and himself on a Virginia college campus, and a significant part of the Left once again tries to convince us that private ownership of firearms is the problem.

Why you can’t comment on posts

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Are blogs supposed to be interactive? I’ve been turning off the “Allow Comments” feature on recent posts to thwart blog spammers. I was wasting too much time moderating spam. Anyone wishing to comment can always contact me this way.

What is White Smoke?

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Reproduction Remington 'New Model Army' with target sights

Remington New Model Army Revolver ca 1860 (reproduction)

I have an interest in black-powder revolvers, from the mid-19th century. I own a few and soon will begin posting about my experiences with them in this category. The title of this category stems from the fact that black powder generates huge clouds of white smoke when burned.