Nature Walk – Kiplinger Parcel, Jan 24, ’08

Anhinga, Kiplinger Parcel, Stuart, FL

Florida isn’t always the Sunshine State, but you can’t let dark days keep you inside, right? The Kiplinger Parcel is a small ecopreserve not far from my condo. It extends from State Route 76, Kanner Highway, to the South Fork of the St. Lucie River.

Last night while walking through the complex I spotted a Bald Eagle flying from the direction of the Parcel. This morning I walked into the Parcel to see what else was there. The photo above is of an American Anhinga, Anhinga anhinga, that sort of purred at me as I walked by.

The land is just being developed for hiking. Most of the trail is overgrown.

Trail, Kiplinger Parcel

There’s a small wetlands area in the center.

Wetland, Kiplinger Parcel

The Anhinga was hanging out on the side of the trail, overlooking a pond on another condo complex.

Anhinga, Kiplinger Parcel

Past the wetland a road branches off to the right.

Road, Kiplinger Parcel

At the end of that road I found a dock overlooking the river, and some workers building a boardwalk into another part of the Parcel.

Dock, Kiplinger Parcel

Going back to where the road branched off, I walked down a narrower trail toward the river, but stopped when the trail got boggy. I’m going back into that area tomorrow with more appropriate footwear. As I walked down that other trail, a couple of Red Bellied Woodpeckers were chattering back and forth. They are quite the talkers but I didn’t understand a word of it. Probably commenting on the fool slogging along the trail on such a dreary day.

I mentioned an adjacent condo complex. For all the land it encompasses, you know they had to build right on the border of the natural area. Here’s one of the buildings in the euphemistically named “Whitemarsh Reserve,” prices starting at about $250,000.

Condos next to Kiplinger Parcel

Life after death: Fungi growing on the trunk of a scorched, dead pine:

Tree trunk, Kiplinger Parcel

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