Eagles’ nest

Bald Eagle on nest

This is my week to see Bald Eagles! Thanks to Greg Braun I was able to observe a nesting pair of them, with their chick, at a remote site in Martin County. Greg’s the Executive Director of Audubon of Martin County. In the interest of the parents and child I’m not revealing the location. But I was able to get some distant photographs.

We had to walk through water halfway to my knees in places, then follow a game trail. Finally, we stopped about 100 meters (a little more than 100 yards) from the nest, up in a pine tree.

Bald Eagles on nest

There were other trees in between and the afternoon sun was behind them, so it was hard to get good photos. This is a reduced, full-frame image, from which the photo above was cropped.

Bald Eagles on nest

There’s a chick in the nest but I was never able to get a picture of it.

Here’s Greg, using his spotting scope as a telephoto lens for a small digital camera. He got a good shot of the chick this way.

Greg Braun photographing an eagle chick

And one of his photos, showing the chick having a look around.

Greg Braun's photo of the eagles with their chick

I tried it with my camera, but wasn’t so successful.

Bald Eagle through spotting scope

Next time I go there I’ll bring my telextender and tripod. And some high, waterproof boots!

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  1. Sally Says:


  2. Clare-Rue Says:

    Great presentation on your eagles, Jim & Greg.
    Should be given “Hazadrious duty award for just getting back into the area, but worth it.
    Good luck