The Good, The Mad and the Ugly

Sarah’s not the only Pit Bull out there in (shrinking) Red State-land. Are Obama supporters generally happier (or at least less angry) than McCain supporters?

Most articles and blogs dealing with Tuesday’s elections allow readers to leave comments. Even Loose Feathers (hint, hint). My unscientific observation on those comments: Pro-Obama comments usually speak well of Obama, and only occasionally mention McCain. Pro-McCain comments usually speak viciously of Obama, and only occasionally mention McCain. They largely are not pro-McCain, only anti-Obama.

If they’re this angry now, I predict a surge in road-rage incidents Wednesday morning. You might consider scraping off your Obama 08 sticker before leaving for work.

Confession: Yes, Loose Feathers has broken its vow and published several anti-McCain and anti-Palin posts. McCain-Palin have engaged in entirely too much blatantly false innuendo and accusation, and too often resorted to rabble rousing, to go unchallenged. I’m still not endorsing a candidate, but it’s pretty clear that one of them isn’t in contention here. I’ve never made a post dedicated to supporting any candidate, but the McCain campaign’s actions are too egregious and dangerous to let pass.

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