Florida Scrub Jays (and friends)

This morning I participated in an orientation workshop for Scrub Jay Watch, sponsored by The Nature Conservancy. Here are a few photos from our field trip; there are more and larger photos on my gallery.

Florida Scrub Jay closeup

As its name implies, the Florida Scrub Jay is found nowhere else.

Florida Scrub Jay

Because so much Scrub Jay habitat has been lost to development, or degraded by fire suppression, they are listed as Endangered by the State of Florida and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Jay Watch volunteers conduct periodic surveys of the birds and their habitat. Standardized procedures and documentation ensure researchers and regulators receive timely, accurate data on the birds’ status throughout their range.

Florida Scrub Jay Watchers

The birds are so used to being stared at by people, they often fly right up to observers, or even do a little dance.

Florida Scrub Jay landing

A big cheer for The Nature Conservancy for sponsoring this important work.

Florida Scrub Jay cheering

Please have a look at the larger photos on my gallery.

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