Beach trip

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Posted by Jim on Mon, 13 Nov 2006 15:48:44 EST (

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Got out of the house today and went for a tour of area beaches on Hutchinson Island, just off the coast.

The Atlantic Ocean, looking toward Holland. Hi, Jeroen! This guy was sleeping while his bait did the work. Surfer trying to make the best of it.

beach sign
As you can see, the water was warm, 76 F (24 C). Air temperature was about 80 F (27 C) at the time, indeed warmer than in Quebec.

I stopped at this funky bar for lunch. It's called Archie's Oceanside, right across the road from the ocean. Nice breeze blowing through, LOUD rock on the sound system, awesome hamburger, friendly people. Lin, I had a draft Foster's in your honor.


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