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Posted by Lin on Sun, 24 Dec 2006 07:08:55 EST (

In Reply to: BOAF: Time to say goodbye posted by Jim Kearman

Birds Of A Feather is closed to new posts. Please visit my blog, Loose Feathers.

This was not unexpected news to me.
Firstly, let me apologize for not being an active poster. I think if you knew me personally
you may have a better understanding. I come from what you might call a hillbilly upbringing in
Australia's northern territory, the youngest of four kids, with alcoholic seldom-at-home parents.
Perhaps a little introverted, I tend to hold a simplistic opinion of events in the world around me.
I'm more of a reader than a poster, and this includes other forums. And of course I live in a
corner of the world which is probably not setting the world on fire when it comes to events of
global interest. On BOAF I have to be careful not to expose my ignorance of your system and
current events. Our Aussie news media tends to be selective and diplomatic when it comes to
reporting US politics, only giving us stuff that that the US Ambassador approves of. :)
But chat forums apparently have to get over an initial speed bump, which frankly I don't
think BOAF ever did. I was always conscious, as you were, of the scarcity of posters here.
The critical mass of traffic necessary to kick start forums never arrived, although in my defence
I did recommend this forum to several people I spoke to on other forums. One even asked on
a forum if anyone knew of another one, as he needed a change. But later he reported back that
BOAF did'nt have enough posters!
I've considered you a friend of mine going back to the days when you were posting on the
other forum before that Aussie jerk caused trouble. You and I seem to be on the same
wavelength, but you are much more outgoing. I've bookmarked the "Loose Feathers" and will
continue to log in for a browse. If you and others can stand my redneck opinions on some
things, ok, I'll be more willing to give them more often. But I'm guilty of sometimes withholding
my true opinion on this or that issue in fear of falling out with people I respect.
Regarding the work you have put into this forum especially handling spammers, I'd like to
thank you for this and am surprised at the amount of work there was. You have to earn money
an hopefully give yourself some leisure time. so by all means do what you have to do.
I'll take this opportunity to wish readers all the best for the festive season. My daughter took
a few pictures of the front of the house with the decorations. I'm not to techo as you know, but
I'll see if I can email a couple of them, and perhaps they could find their way onto BOAF before
the end of the year?
Thanks again and take care

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